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May 02,2020

New and Diverse Indian Business Era Post COVID 19 Pandemic

Covid-19 will change the way businesses are run and fundamentally alter management practices. If history is any guide, The Great Depression (that lasted almost a decade) and then the global financial crisis of 2008-10 changed the way the world trades and manages the business. It is believed by the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business management will be reshaped, and to begin with, the companies will be more fluid, agile, and flexible. Companies will now drill deeper to assess the risk of disruption. Managers will have two options before them: diversifying their vendor base to reduce dependence on a few, or building a tight ecosystem of suppliers they can have more control over, perhaps even located geographically close.

1.jpgAfter the COVID-19 pandemic, India can become the next global service hub. It will have the opportunity to build an economy that is more adaptable, strong, diversified, and attractive to global manufacturers and services. As per USIBC (US India Business Council), India is expected to benefit as it is hoped that businesses will want to de-risk in having too much of a supply chain concentrated in one area and try to diversify and disperse. India’s expanding economy and robust middle class provides a lucrative market while its abundant skilled and semi-skilled labor adds to the country’s ability to support bulk manufacturing, assembly, and processing. The geographic location of the country (connecting Asia Pacific markets) also plays a pivotal role considering the terms of the Supply chain management. To make this all a success, the government of India should adopt a phased strategy like announcing eye-catching schemes to attract foreign investors, rules and regulations that are sector-specific and business-friendly. India should win major investment deals in sectors where the economy has a domestic supply chain. Last but not the least, India should have the best commercial diplomats in friendly capitals like Zurich, Berlin, Singapore, Melbourne, Washington DC, and London.

Considering the current situation and future outcome, as Silicon Valley terms, “the winds of change”, can be favorable towards India considering the Indian government takes necessary steps.

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