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Mar 10,2021

What are essential marketing skills possess to get hired


In March, it is recruitment season in China. Many graduates might feel confused. ”Why we attend many companies’ interviews, but failed again and again?” “Does our ability insufficient which result being eliminated?” In fact, not sure, when we take an interview, it also needs be paid attention to some skills.

I communicated with several Executive Recruitment Agencies China, and they all mentioned these key marketing skills that Chinese Recruitment Agency are most concerned about:

1.Presentation skills

It is important to be able to describe something clearly. If you fail to articulate even one important thing in the course of your work, it would cause great confusion and pain to your colleagues. Usually, there will be a self-introduction in the interview. Executive Search Consultant China indicates two kinds of situations that interviewers hate most: one is that the interviewee talks too much without logic and focus; the other is that the interviewee doesn't know how to introduce himself and finishes the self-introduction hastily within 10 seconds. Either, the interviewer will suspect that you're not good at marketing yourself and expressing yourself. In the future work process, it is easy to have communication difficulties.


2. Executive ability 

In some interviews, the interviewer may ask you to complete some cases on the spot to test your executive ability, but more often, the interviewee through describing own past experience to show the executive ability.There is an successful interview example of Headhunter Company in Shanghai. The interviewee talked “at one stage, I set a small goal for myself. I applied for studying abroad when I got an IELTS score of 5.5 within 3 months, and I completed it within the target time.”For graduates, the best performance is to complete their goals/wishes on time. So, from now on, you might as well create some small plans for your future, struggling on them and make you feel fulfilled.

3. Logical ability 

Logical ability is also very important, if in the process of the interview, there is irrelevant answer situation, or the explanation is not on the point, then it is very likely to be sifted out.To avoid this, try deliberately practicing how to answer people's questions as part of a normal conversation. Then put yourself in the other person's shoes and ask yourself if the answer you've just given is going to please them. Through this constant practice and thinking, surely there will be a different harvest.

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