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Jun 01,2021

what kind of perfume do young people like


With the implementation of the open door policy in the 1980s, Western culture and style had a significant impact on domestic consumption trends and foreign investment had a very significant influence on the domestic economy and income, all of which led to consumer demand for luxury products including perfumes, cosmetics, personal care products and more. With the growth of distribution channels for beauty and personal care products, the future of the fragrance market if even clearer. As we enter the rapidly evolving era of new retailing, the channels through which domestic consumers purchasa fragrances are becoming more diversified. For example, the new internet retailing has stimulated the sales of perfumes in China.

However, according to the Market Research Agencies In China Report on Perfume Market <Competition Pattern and Investment Strategy 2013-2017>, China only accounts for 0.8% of global sales volume, which is not very popular among the Chinese People, as observed by the market share. As a result, many international perfume manufactures have the intention and are working hard to increase their fame and share in the Chinese market, making competition more intense. Another result of Quantitative Market Research Services in China shows that Asian consumers have a very high preference for luxury perfume brands, and domestic perfume consumers are no exception. For domestic consumers, the use of fine fragrances represents one’s status, and those who can afford it tend to but high-end fragrances with a premium brand image and a long history. Therefore, the majority of the Chinese perfume market is currently occupied by foreign brands, occupying the city’s high-end consumer population, mainly through mall counter sales as the main channel.

But, the marketing director of the Scent Museum’s operations center analyses that those who can afford to consume internationally renowned brands of perfume only account for a very small proportion of consumers in the Chinese market; and in an era when all industries are targeting younger groups, internationally renowned brands of perfume are becoming hard to come by. In the 2019, Generation Z Consumer Power White Paper, 92.4% of the 260 million young people are women who buy cosmetics, and 56.7% of men spend less than 1,000 on cosmetics each year, a staggering figure.

Leading Market Research Companies China CBC Market Research did a survey ‘what kind of fragrances do young Chinese people prefer today?’ and summarized following points: 

1. Recommended by major new social media bloggers

2. A major international perfume

3. Tried and tested at the counter and buy which loved

4. Buy a lot of perfume samples to try first and then buy the perfume in favorite scent

But some people feel that one spray a day would be monotonous and want to use all their favourite fragrances on their body. Top Market Research Companies indicate, in this way, it becomes particularly important to tune the scent. Who will be the king of the domestic perfume market will be the one who chooses the right innovative brand at the most suitable time to grow with consumers, awaken their awareness of perfume and cultivate their consumption habits, according to their consumption habits.

Qualitative Research Agencies China added, young consumers are now also full of face, and are more demanding of perfume bottles. Some perfumes are so good-looking that even if you don’t use them, they are a delight to look at on your dressing table.

This is a generation that focuses on sensory and visual experiences; one without the other can be a point of dissatisfaction for young people.

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